Product Info

Designed & Manufactured: Stockholm, Sweden

Packaging Material: 100% Recycled Material

Content: 100ML, 3.38 FL. OZ.

Sodium Hyaluronate

It sounds like a Cowboy/techno remix but it’s one of nature’s most humectant molecules. Carries up to x6000 its weight in water and delivers it right to your skin.

• Youth preserving
• Counteracting free radicals (basically skin terrorists)
• A linear polysaccharide consisting of D-Glucuronic acid and N-Acetyl-D-glucosamine (No one forced you to press Details)


Finland doesn’t just have great vodka, they also have super sugar beets. These help to increase cell reproduction and decrease signs of aging and skin impurities.

• Natural moisturizer
• Reduces dehydration
• Protects against environmental stress


This ingredient is a Vitamin B3 with tons of great qualities. You could call it the swiss-army knife of skin care (toothpick and wood saw not included).
• Increases elasticity
• Evens out skin tones
• Strengthen barrier function (like building a wall, but in a good way)
• Reduce the fine lines that makes you look like a bulldog


A green and biological superhero, born in the wild and here to protect the innocent. It’s superpower: keeping your water balances in check.
• 100% bio-based
• Youth preserving (even more than betaine)
• Also extracted from sugar beets (yes, from Finland)

Saccharide Isomerate

This is a looooooooong lasting moisturizing ingredient, up to 72 hours. Almost as long as all episodes of Friends combined or the hangover you get from four beers if your over thirty.

• Skin mimicking (A carbohydrate complex like our natural one)
• Increases softness and smoothness
• Reduces flakiness and itchiness
• Natural
• Long-lasting (or did we say that already?)


Picture your skin like a calming dewy summer morning: Natural and something you can stare at for hours.

• Enhanced moisturization
• Preservative booster
• Viscosity enhancer (creates that gooey and rich texture)
• Less irritated skin