Product Info

Designed & Manufactured: Stockholm, Sweden

Packaging Material: 100% Recycled Material

Content: 100 ML, 3.38 FL. OZ.

Tasmannia Lanceolata fruit/ leaf extract (Tasmanian Pepper)

Straight outta Australia comes this beast. It’s almost all you need after a shave. The Aborigines even chewed it like gum when they had a killing toothache.

– Reduces skin redness appearance
– Anti-itch
– Instant soothing action
– Vegetable derived

Aesculus Hippocastanum seed extract (horse chestnut)

Except all it’s amazing qualities within skincare, this plant has the function to repel spiders (at least according to some people on the internet).

– Anti Inflammatory
– Astringent to skin
– Organic Certified

Menthyl Lactate

This is for anyone who is looking for that fresh long-term breeze you get on top of a mountain, but doesn’t want to climb to the top of a mountain.

– Long-term cooling effect
– Modulates skin thermos-receptors


Picture your skin like a calming dewy summer morning: Natural and something you can stare at for hours.

– Enhanced moisturization
– Preservative booster
– Viscosity enhancer (creates that gooey and rich texture)
– No irritation